Work for School Closures: Please Ensure that your child checks google classroom also and accepts the invite previously sent by teachers.

Mr. Ait-Amer's Classes:

6th and 3rd yr students can work on the listening and reading comprehensions in their exam papers.

They can also learn their french orals topocs. They can also study/revise the grammar they've done so far  in section 2 of their copies.

I have already given homework to 6th yr students, both levels. 

3rd yr students can do section 3 ,all questions,  of 2010, on A4 papers to hand up to me when we get back. Make sure to do the work on separate sheets, not in exam paper. 


Ms. Butler's Classes:

Thrid Year Religion

Complete the next 3 question 2s from section 4 and revise for their questions 2 test next week


Ms. Devereux's Classes:

Second year German : revise chapter and all vocabulary on food Test for both classes next week,

First year German please revise chapter 6 ( pets and colours) all exercises in the chapter to be completed,

Third year junior cert German orals that were due to take place on Friday will take place next Monday.


Mr. Foley's Classes:

Please see attached work for my 3rd and 6th year students. The instructions are the same for both. Thanks.

Mr. Foley's 3rd Year Maths class: Attached is a sample mock paper 1 and paper 2. Please attempt both papers.

Mr. Foleys' 6th Year Maths class:  Attached is a sample mock paper 1 and paper 2. Please attempt both papers.

3rd Year Work P1

3rd Year Work

6th Year P1

6th Year P2


Ms. Greaney's Classes:

Work for 3rd yr Art: 

Students can work on a range of drawings, in a variety of media for their 2D preparation page, which is due on March 8th.

Students should demonstrate a variety of ideas and designs in their chosen 2D; Batik, Felt or Lino.


Ms Horn's Classes:

6th and 3rd Year Music:  practise for your practicals

5th Year Music: Finish off p.4 Melody writing workbook


2nd Year Music:  study Morning from Peer Gynt and finish off their magazine article on Samba drumming

1st Year Music: Write an article for the school FB page about your recent Samba Drumming workshop with Kieran Gallagher, include details about where Samba originates, describe the instruments you played (Caixa, Surdo, Repenique, Tambourins, Agogos, Malacachetta) & the rhythms you learned. 

All 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year CSPE students: Find our the names of the current; Taoiseach, Tánaiste & Minister of Defence, Minister for Health, Minister for Education, Minister for Social Protection, Minister with Responsibility for Housing, Minister for Arts, Tourism, Heritage, Culture, The Gaeltacht and Sport, The President of Europe, The British Prime Minister, The German Chancellor and The French Prime Minister.

Identify The Building name of the following Houses of Parliament; Irish, British, German & European.

3rd Years are writing their reports which we all have in.


Ms. Kavanagh's Classes:

Students who were due to cook today can cook at home and email me a picture of their finished items and a written evaluation.


Ms. Jordan's Classes:

1st Years- Object drawing in colour of sweets spilling out  it's wrapper-  in colour

2nd Years- Complete the worksheet and handout marked Batik


Batik Ppt

3rd Years- Complete the worksheet on support studies for Option and create a design for a lino/batik/ creative embroidery in the style of the artist you researched.

Support Studies – Option

6th Years- Take photos for craftwork option,one observational drawing, one merge drawing ( merge two objects/images)  do a draft design in colour of proposed design for craftwork


Mr. Molloy's Classes:

6th Years higher level maths work on the revision sheet given and focus on the ‘geometry’ sections.


Ms. O'Connell's Classes:

3rd years: Continue to revise sraith pictiur and roghlacadh.

6th years: Complete colscaradh questions from 2014 papers and sample paper 2.  Also, continue to write up short notes on each sraith pictiur.


Ms. Searing's Classess:

6th year Biology

Complete section B in 2017. 2016 and 2015 papers.

3rd year Science

Have all sections of your coursework B completed,up as far as results and including diagrams, into the draft  booklet. 

5th year Biology

Read and make notes on "Continuous flow" and "Batch Culture" from the chapter on bacteria.

2nd year Science

Continuing on from our last lesson, explain the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction and explain how the latter takes place in strawberries.

1st year Science

Write up experiment on page 155 in you text book and complete Qs 15.16, 15.17 and 15.18 on page 157