Homeless visit

Well done to the 2A2 students and the parents who visited the inner city homeless tonight. Thank you to Gerry and Pauline for showing us around the streets and helping us to see the reality of homelessness on the streets. They again expressed their gratitude for all the donations from our community. Thanks again to Kevin Collins Bus Hire for sponsoring the bus . These are ordinary people going above and beyond to help those less fortunate. They have 220 volunteers who work different shifts on the rota to help as many as possible. Most of them have full time jobs yet they give freely of their time in the evenings and weekends to help out so many. Nobody volunteering for ICHH receive any payment and they receive no government funding yet they do extraordinary things on a daily basis all with a smile on their faces. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Below is a link to an article from one of their volunteers describing one of their nights.