Yarn Craft club- Knitting and Crocheting with a purpose

At Àrdscoil Rath Iomghàin our Yarn Craft Club has been very productive this first half term. Students and teachers alike have enjoyed spending a weekly lunchtime together in an endeavour to knit and crochet a selection of blankets for children who have been internally displaced in Syria. We are delighted with our achievement so far. In only a few short weeks we have made 20 blankets which are now ready to join a shipment for the 'Hand in Hand with Syria Campaign'.

yarning 1.jpg

So what's our next project?
With Christmas rapidly approaching we will be making some decorations for the festive season. These will make a lovely gift for someone or they could be a lovely treat for your own Christmas tree. New members are always welcome to come along to room 5 at lunchtime any Wednesday and join in.

Did you know there are numerous health benefits to knitting and crochet?
Research carried out at Harvard Medical School's mind and body institute proved that
• Knitting induces the relaxation response and therefore lowers the heart rate by an average of 11 beats per minute.
• Blood pressure also drops when knitting and crocheting.
• Knitting and Crochet promote reflection , in fact knitters benefit from a form of meditation without even realising it!
• This hands on tactile engagement is a great outlet for creativity.
• Knitting is a vehicle for social activity