Positive Mental Health week

Day 5

Challenge 5: Do a Random Act of Kindness (RAK)

benefits include:

o    happiness – making other people happy boosts our own sense of happiness;

o    greater self-confidence: – giving makes us feel better as people;

o    energy – doing one good thing will make us want to do more;

o    longer life – giving to others slows the ageing process;

o    more pleasure – pleasure begets pleasure.

The natural feel good chemicals of serotonin and oxytocin (the love hormone) are made in the body when kindness is shared.

Carrying out kind acts will:

o    Reduce depression: Thinking about helping other people stops us worrying about ourselves.

o    Reduce pain: Helping releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

o    Reduce isolation: Helping others encourages human contact.

o    Reduce blood pressure.

o    Reduce anxiety: Good actions can lift mood and decrease social avoidance.

o    Reduce stress: Kind people have 23 percent less cortisol (the stress hormone) and age more slowly.



Make Mum or Dad a cup of tea!

Do an extra job/chore at home without being asked!

Say thank you to a teacher who has helped you!

Give a compliment!

Or any other RAK you choose


Keep in mind that kindness has an additive effect and it’s really the little things that add up. So no matter how big or how small, each act of kindness makes an impact for us all.