School magazine

This year we are going to print and publish a Christmas Edition of the school magazine, 'Rathangazine'. We would like aspiring journalists, artists, illustrators, creative writers and poets to contribute to the magazine to showcase their talents.Perhaps you have a hidden skill, a flair for cooking? deadly at martial arts? You deserve recognition, share your passion and be proactive write an article and send in a picture to photographers ...will be out during lunchtime in the two weeks after the midterm break taking photos for our candid camera pages make sure the hair is looking good and you've perfected your camera smile.All articles must be given or emailed to Ms Jordan by the 17th of November, those who are successful in getting their work printed in the magazine will be awarded with a day tour.Anyone interested in joining the magazine committee,which will be in charge of helping plan out the content of the magazine and also to ensure your voice is heard can speak to Ms Jordan in the Artroom .