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One of our past pupils Patrick Hyland has set up a that a lot of you may find interesting. Here are a few words from Patrick regarding the site

The Irish Introvert is a self-development website which I launched in February 2015; we write about all things related to personal development and progression. We try to explore and share in the passions, motivations, and significant experiences of people; everybody has the ability to inspire. We are a product of our environment, and we try to create a positive environment on the site with a focus on personal growth and development, where people from all walks of life are encouraged to share their insights, passions and motivations.

In a segment entitled "What Makes You Tick", we look to pick the brains of some high-performing people, who are pursuing their passions in their daily lives, people who push their boundaries and the boundaries of others by doing what they do.

Seán O’Sullivan enjoyed a long and successful career in Gaelic football with Kerry- one of the most dominant and decorated teams in the history of the sport in Ireland. He represented ‘The Kingdom” at senior level from 2002-2009, winning 4 All Ireland medals, and earning an All Star nomination in 2006.

In an honest and open interview, he shared some of his experiences, and gave some insight into what makes him tick. We felt you might find it an interesting read, and thought you would perhaps like to share it with your network of students and teachers. Enjoy.

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What Makes Seán O’Sullivan Tick:…/