History Trip

On our class history trip we visited the beautiful Clonmacnoise and the powerful Athlone Castle. Both classes in first year history went on a journey to the educational sites. We got up early so we could be on the bus in time to have a run around the scenic site that is Clonmacnoise, after checking out the ruined buildings and the whispering arch (that actually whispers!) we went inside for a short presentation on the vast history of Clonmacnoise. After the short break for lunch in the shaded area of the shop we hopped back on the bus to our next destination. As we made our way through the streets of Athlone we stopped to appreciate the music of the many buskers, mostly playing Irish traditional music. The bus docked and all of us students climbed the path up to the castle, enjoying the views and taking multiple pictures in the sun. The minute it started raining and our tour guides showed up, we made our way into the warmth of the castle. Once we got inside, we were split up into our two class groups. One group was brought to watch a video and explore the insides of the castle while the other was given a tour of the exterior. After checking out the dark room of ‘death and destruction’ and making our way around outside, we went inside. In the confines of the castle we were pleasantly surprised to find dress up clothes. We all pulled on gowns and jackets from the past eras and posed for a picture. We reluctantly took them off afterwards and followed the guide through the rest of the castle. As we reached the end we stopped to watch a seven minute long video on how Athlone castle came to be as it is now. Exhausted by all the dressing up and climbing we strolled back to the bus and began our journey home, happy and informed,.
- Kila Smyth -