Upcoming events

We will be taking a Junior Cert training day on December 12th. We have to take the day before Christmas in preparation for the new Junior Cert this was the only date available on the calendar that the facilitators were available. There will be no school for students on this day as all staff are involved in the training. The following are a list of some of our upcoming events.(Most are in the journal and on the website)

Tonight November 23rd6TH Year PTM 4.15-6.45

CAO talk afterwards for all 6th year parents at 7pm.

November 28/29/30Christmas tests for all 1st , 2nd and 5th years

December 2nd No School

December 5/6th 6th year LCVP interviews

December 12th Junior Cert training day

December 13th 5th year PTM (Parents and students to attend)

December 15th Christmas Fair(Santa will be visiting)

December 21st Christmas Service

December 22nd Dress up half day