Enterprise week

Enterprise Week
By Emma Lueders
Since Tuesday, the 18th of October to Friday the 21st , the students at Ardscoil Rathangan have been attending talks from local entrepreneurs to help the students gain a better understanding of what is involved in business and staring a company. From Agriculture business, to young Sporty entrepreneurs to an insight into the pharmaceutical industry, the students were given a talk on them all. On Tuesday the Ty and fifth year LCVP students welcomed Simon Cross from Cross engineering. He explained to us how the company functions and how the company operates from Rathangan but ships world wide. On Wednesday Niall McNamee, yes the football player, came in and talked to us about his company twelve’s. He also gave us an insight into his personal past and the story behind the name of the business, he told us that for him the company had to represent more than selling socks so he named it after a process that turned his life around. On Thursday Collins and sons came to the school and talked to us about the work they do within the car industry. On Friday David Shanahan came in and told us about his time as a pharmaceutical sales representative and his time as the managing director of Pfizer. He talked to us about the key points that mad him successful in his area of business. 
Through out the week the students were given various pieces of advice such as, keep smiling, Find a passion and follow it, and that it’s ok to be ambitious and dream big. The talks were very beneficial, especially for Ty’s that are setting up are mini company at the current moment. It was very educational and everyone found someone to relate to because of the variety of the subjects the speakers specialized in. Especially some of he Offaly students, after the Niall McNamee came in.