TY trip to Glendalough

Rathangan takes on the Wicklow mountains
By Tara Digan.

On the 29th September all TY classes in Ardscoil Rath Iomghain set off on the annual TY trip to Glendalough as part of their Gaisce awards. The day began with all the students boarding three different buses and setting off on a one and a half hour journey towards the Wicklow Mountains until we arrived at the hostel which we were staying in overnight.
Once there, everyone made a quick rush to drop their main baggage and pack their smaller backpacks ready to start the18km hike around the Wicklow Mountains.
At the beginning the hike seemed simple but we noticed that the hills gradually began to get steeper. We took small breaks throughout the walk usually to allow the slower walkers to catch up with the group. There was many different types of land on the mountain through which we hiked. At first it was mainly dry with lots of trees and plants near the bottom of the mountain. It was still warm with little rain. As we walked further up we encountered a severe change in weather. It began to get colder and stormier as we got near the top. There were periods where we plodded through marshy and bog land , jumping quickly to avoid losing our shoes!!! The end of the walk was by a quiet stream with lots of rocks we had fun jumping on.
We arrived back at the hostel at around 6 o’clock and there was a quick rush for the shower before we all had dinner and enjoyed a good chat with all our friends before heading off to bed.
The next morning, we woke at 8:30 to finish off the last 8km of our hike. This part was much easier than the day before even though we were all admittedly very sore.
By 1o'clock our trip was over and we were back on the buses heading home. It was a really great experience and everyone had a really tiring but fantastic time.