Bt Young Scientist 2014 Finalist.

The BT young scientist exhibition took place from the 8th of January to the 10th of January in the RDS. Contestants from all over Ireland brought thousands together to enjoy the amazing  world of science! This year we had three students from Rathangan Secondary School in the final. Vahe Sasunts (transition year),  Aoife O'Donnel and Ella Tighe (third year)

Vahe presented a project called "Smile". This one of a kind app is  aimed to help monitor people who struggle with anxiety and depression.The app asks the user a series of questions which are linked to anxiety and depression. The results that the user inputs are recorded and  the data results are immediately sent to either a doctor or a parent or whoever it is thats monitoring their patient. The app also contains useful, easily accessible  contacts to a set of services such as child line, Teen line, Samaritans etc. The app is currently available to download on the google play store. 

Although Vahe did not win a prize at the RDS this year he was certainly a winner in the eyes of his school and indeed the wider public. The response he received on the day was utterly incredible and numbers using this fantastic app are increasing daily.

Our two amazing third year students Ella Tighe and Aoife O'Donnell presented a project called "Teenagers, Nasty or Nice?"   The two girls wanted to discover if teenagers empathy levels rise as they grow older, decrease or stay the same. They analysed 30 subjects and found that on average females empathy levels are two years ahead of their male counterparts. This study was undertaken in two tests. One was a study utilising pictorial imagery designed to solicit the subject’s ability to recognise emotions. This study used a computer slides to present the subjects with a series of facial expressions. The portion of the image containing mouths was hidden. A written questionnaire was also compiled. Overall they found that females are more empathic. Unfortunately the girls  did not come home with an award on the day but like Vahe they are most certainly winners in the eyes of our school. Their teachers Ms.Bradley and Mr.Keyes in particular couldn't have been more proud.


By Vahe Sasunts and Hazel Mc Cabe.