Quiz for Maths week

1 ) A cash collection was made around a room with everyone putting a note into a bag. People put in either a €20, a €10 or a €5 note.

I asked the collector how much was in the collection and he told me that if I pulled out a note at random that there would be a 1 in 12 chance of getting a €20 note. He said there would be a 1 in 4 chance of getting a €10 note and a 2 in 3 chance of getting a €5.

I protested that I needed more information. He conceded that four people had put in €20 notes and he refused to tell me any more.

Can you figure out how much money was in the bag?

2) You are travelling to Britain and you change €500 into Sterling. The exchange sells you Sterling notes at 0.76 £/€ and takes a £2 commission.

On your trip you spend half your Sterling, and when you return you change it back to euro at 0.79 £/€ and the exchange takes €3 commission.

How much are you left with in Euro?

3 ) if a builder builds a 100 houses and he numbers them 1-100 .How many number 9’s does he need.


4) If there were twice as many elephants as monkeys, 4 times as many lions as elephants and 3 times as many horses as lions. If there were 3 monkeys . how many legs in total (on animals only )  did Moses take into the Arc.


5 ) what is the combined total nuber of crossbars in school (on gaelic and soccer goals) plus number of classes in school (ie number that get register taken in mornings) plus the number of Ms Horns room


6 ) Use the numbers only once to add subtract multiply or divide the follow numbers to make

75,4,9,5,6,8  to make 422 (You don’t have to use all the numbers)