Kelsey Leonard Irish Female Boxing Champion 2013

E very now and then, you can be priviledged enough to meet a young boxer who thrives on competition, thrives in the tough environment of a boxing gym and keeps coming back for more no matter how hard it gets. Kelsey Leonard is that boxer. As an underage boxer, she very quickly outgrew the underage class (although she was still underage) and has actually been training in the older competition class now for four and half years including sparring with her older male counterparts! For most of that time she was the youngest boxer in that class and in fact the ONLY girl in that class until this season. That in itself has to be acknowledged. However no matter what has happened in the ring, win, lose or draw she has continuously and consistently pushed herself in the gym (and at home) to improve. Her hand speed is astonishing, her defense is watertight, her ringcraft is expert. This drive is rare in one so young.

The result was this weekend, after pushing the boundaries in so many ways, for so long, Kelsey came away with the gold medal and was crowned an Irish Champion at the National Female Boxing Championships 2013. There's no boxer who has deserved this more. We're so very proud of Kelsey and you should be too! No looking back now Kelsey, take a bow!