Positive Mental Health Day 4

If in doubt talk it out

Our group, Laura Carroll, Caoimhe Fullam, Brian Weldon, Craig Walsh and Ciaran Kennedy were in charge of the fourth day of the Mental Health Week in the school; if in doubt talk it out.

We had several activities planned for the course of the day. We organised a ‘Speed Talking’ class where we brought 2 classes of first years in at a time and gave them a questionnaire that we had designed. The questions ranged from do you play sport, to their favourite singers/bands. We designed to try get first year in particular to talk to each other more about topics they would find most interesting.

We then made another exercise which involved the first years to answer ten random questions; however they had to get the person to sign the sheet to confirm they were wearing the item or had it at home etc... When they had finished the exercise they had to return it to Ms Kavanagh, Laura Carroll or Caoimhe Fullam.

Lastly we organised a Non – Uniform Day and everybody who participated had to pay a minimum of €2. This money will be presented to the Kildare Mental Health Association and Pieta House on Thursday after the cycle. Everybody, who came into school today, also had to wear a piece of green clothing or jewellery to support the cause.  

We also designed two boards that are outside the library, they have different posters that encourage people to communicate more efficiently with one another.