Positive Mental Health Day 2

Friday the 26th of April was the second day of our Mental Health awareness week. The theme for this day was; Take time for yourself. The idea of this day was to promote the importance of taking time for yourself and how it has a strong link with Positive Mental Health.
To start the day, many positive quotes, hints and tips were placed around the school. The idea of this was to ensure that people were reminded of why it is important to take care of yourself throughout the day and hopefully they would bring this notion home with them for the weekend.
At little lunch, we had lollipops for the students in the school. Any one could get a lollipop, there was a slight twist however, in order to get a lollipop they must give themselves a compliment. This went down a treat and we got 400 compliments which was wonderful. This exercise was to promote positive thinking about oneself.
Bubble wrap was given to students so that they could 'pop their stress', this proved to be very popular among the third and sixth years as many of them are stressed over their upcoming exams.
To conclude our day, we played happy go lucky music in the canteen to boost everyone's mood.
We had contact numbers for local clubs and clubs in the near area so that people could call up and join, do something fun for themselves. In the upcoming weeks meditation will take place, this is a branch off our day and fits in perfectly with our week as a whole.
There was a wonderful atmosphere on Friday and we all went home with a smile on our face and were ready to pamper ourselves for the weekend. :)
Simone, Stephen, Shane, Holly and Michaela. :)