Positive Mental Health Day 1

Starting today on the twenty fifth of April our school decided to hold a mental health week culminating with the the big cycle on the 2nd of May. The class of Ty3 was given this opportunity to organise this week. We were split into teams and given a theme for each day. My team had the privilege of arranging the first day which was My Body is a Temple. Today we wanted students to reflect on the importance on healthy eating, taking exercise and avoiding substances that can harm the body (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol). At the start my group and I struggled to come up with ideas for the day but getting help from others we finally came up with a few good ideas to run with on the day. Firstly we laminated motivational quotes and posted them on the boards of each classroom so students would have a new thought for each class and they would feel inspired. The next thing we did was set up three notice boards in the assembly area and decorated them with information about healthy eating (top 10 healthiest foods), staying fit (simple exercises you can do in your spare time) and how alcohol and drugs can affect our bodies. Multiple brochures were also handed out giving students easy tips on how they to can make meals healthier without making drastic changes and a booklet about quitting smoking. Basketball was held in the gym to promote fitness around the school while tubs of fresh fruit were sold in the canteen at a price of 50c which were sold out in minutes. Over all I think our day was highly successful and I hope the other days will also be a pleasure for both students and teachers around the school. I think promoting positive mental health among the school by doing multiply activities is a brilliant idea because it lifts the mood in the school especially at this stressful time for 3rd and 6th year students.

Meadhbh Doyle