Positive Mental Health week

Our positive mental health week started today

The theme of the week is 5 steps to positive mental health.

Ty3 are organising some activities at break times to highlight each step.

Thursday 25th: step 1: My body is a temple. ( good food, exercise, sleep, no harmful substances)

Friday 26th: Take time for yourself. ( hobbies, faith, relaxation, learn something new, volunteer)
Aware will give a talk to 5th years.

Monday 29th: L.O.L. Laugh out Loud. (Surround yourself with good people and laugh every day)
Stand up comedy in the canteen at lunch time.

Tuesday 30th: When in doubt, Talk it out. ( Good communication )
1st years will take part in "speed talking" to encourage them to talk to other students in their year and make new friends.

Wednesday 1st: No Man is an Island -- get help when you need it. (Support groups)

Thursday 2nd: The cycle for life will take place.

A non uniform day will take place on Tuesday 30th to raise money for the cycle. The theme of the non uniform day is "wear something green"

The mental health association is running a campaign in May encouraging people to wear a green ribbon to show their support for mental health and also encourage a social movement to reduce stigma and change attitudes towards mental health problems

Changing Minds About Mental Health ................. One Conversation at a time.