Community Response

The school have been working with the HSE and community representatives since Christmas in response to the tragedies last year. Below is a copy of a letter sent home to parents and a copy of the survey that will be given to all students this week is available in the download section of the website. We also hope to survey all the parents and adults of the community shortly before a response is coordinated.


We are turning to you to be a part of a planning process for the near future in Rathangan. First of all, we would like to update you on recent initiatives taking place in our community:

A Christmas letter went in December 2012 to each household in the community

Ardscoil Rath Iomghain  provide continuous support for their

students such as counselling, pastoral care, bereavement support and parents talks. Positive Mental Health is encouraged on a daily basis and specifically in SPHE,RSE, and PE as well as

individual support given to students where needed.

“Scooters” Youth Club volunteers are providing great support to young people in Rathangan

Kildare Youth Service and HSE are looking at the option of

providing additional counselling support for young people in


An Interagency response is taking place at county level to support Rathangan including the HSE, County Kildare Leader Partnership, Kildare County Council, Ardscoil Rathangan, Kildare Youth Services and many others

Community Development Worker for Rathangan.  Eliska is now based in the Community Centre and is available on Tuesdays to listen to you, otherwise  you can contact her via e- mail:

Circle Community Group representing the community was established. We are at the early stage of group development and for now The Circle Group represents local community groups and individuals from Rathangan such as the “Scooters” Youth Club, CORE group, Scouts, First Responders Rathangan etc.


A “Positive Mental Health”  approach has been successful in a number of communities and we feel it will work for Rathangan too. Rathangan is great place to live and we can make it even better.

We feel it is important to listen to your views

before any plans are put in place so we are giving out the following questionnaire.

This will enable you to communicate your message to us and will help us to understand you and your needs better.

We are inviting you to participate in the survey

being carried out by the Circle Community Group in association with  Ardscoil Rathangan, HSE, KYS and others.

We would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire on the reverse side of this sheet. If you wish to add additional comments or

suggestions, please do so.

The information collected will be treated

confidentially and will lead to the next steps to be taken in our community.