Tomorrow our TY and 5th year students will participate in workshops during the school day. The staff will do the programme after school and the TY and 5th year parents are invited into the school tomorrow night at 7pm to participate in a workshop. The day will be run by the Gaeity school of acting and the purpose is to take a whole school approach to positive mental health and well being.
Together we can change the landscape...
Parenting isn’t always easy. Although it’s often amazing and
rewarding to watch your children grow healthy and to help them learn to be strong and independent.
Breathe is a programme developed to raise awareness around well being and positive mental health for young
people. It will teach how to improve the social and emotional lives of students.
1890 258 358‘Breathe’ will see young people, parents and teachers take part in participative
workshops, focusing on
5 key words:
STUDENTS will walk away with the feeling that they have been heard and that they acheived something that might help them. Through their own work and contribution, young people will create ‘their personal workshop’. They have been somewhere that might help them.
TEACHERS will learn how to keep this project alive through the school community long after the
workshops have finished. They will be encouraged to integrate the acquired knowledge into the classroom, through subjects like Religion, SPHE, CSPE etc. Teachers will also be asked to continually update and upload student’s work onto the school’s dedicated webpage on the ‘Breathe’ website,
PARENTS will have an opportunity to see their childs work from the previous workshop. After their own
workshop, they will learn to communicate better and how to re-engage with their children. They will learn about them by supporting their creative work.
For more information or to book
a workshop for your school:
Call: 1890 258 358