Young Scientist

Vahe Sasunts  (14yrs)is a second year student in our school. He came up with the idea of his project entitled ‘Multi booting computer’ as he has a great interest in this area.

In this project he patched an open source kernel called chameleon, what this does is recognize the apple mac osx retail cd. He was able to partition his hard drive and install apple. Afterwards he had to install a linux operating system and within the linux operating system he made a hybrid hard drive based on the apple GUID partition table and the master boot record so that windows was able to boot without a problem. He done this using terminal codes within linux. He then had to install Android (Smartphone operating system), this was difficult as android did not recognize the free partitions but the ones that were already used by Apple, Windows and Linux. He managed to get Android booting off a usb key.

For his great work Vahe was awarded 2nd place in the Junior Technology Individual section. He impressed Google so much with his project that he was also awarded the Google Trail blazer award .

Google believes in ground-breaking projects and unconventional technology. Our Trailblazer Award recognizes the best individual male, best individual female and best group who have made an innovative use of computing technology in their project.

 The winners (plus a guardian if necessary) will have the opportunity to visit one of the Google research sites in Europe (the choice of site will be determined by the students' interests) where they will be able to take part in tours, workshops and get involved in some hands-on work!

Vahe will travel to Google research centre in Zurich along with a guardian in October of this year.

Credit is also given to Ms Janet Bradley and Mr. Damien O’Rourke for all their help with this project.