Ardscoil Rath Iomgháin

Transfer Policy


Section 29 must be exhausted before an application for transfer is considered.

Student numbers in the school are limited.  Admission to a school, centre or a particular course / activity is subject, in the first instance, to a place being available.

This is to:

·       Enable learning and teaching to be more effective.

·       Enable pastoral policy to be effectively implemented.

·       Enable ethos of school to be pursued.

·       For Health & Safety reasons.


The principal & Senior Management team will carry out the Admissions & Transfer Policies on behalf of the Board of Management.


Transfers will be considered from:


1.      (a) Those living in the catchment area or (b) those who have or who have had siblings in the school, (c) children of staff members.

2.      Students must also satisfy the general Admission Policy as outlined in the school journal.

3.      The school will consider the consequences of a transfer on the student’s academic and all round progress and also the effect on the students already in the school.  The school must be confident that the curriculum can be delivered on.

4.      The Board of Management may consider applications which take into account the special circumstances of a particular student.

5.      That in the professional judgement of the School Authority and following an interview, the student is deemed suitable for admission to the school.

6.      That, in the professional judgement of the School Authority the student, because of previous education, training is likely to benefit from attendance.  The Board of Management reserves the right to refuse a place to a student if it feels the student poses a health and safety risk to students or staff.

  1. Students transferring from another 2nd level school will be asked to sign a contract of learning. The transfer enrolment forms must be fully completed. A full written detailed reference and a full discipline record as well as all school reports and the students examination results must be supplied by the previous school.

8.      There is a right of appeal to the Board of Management.


Please note:

An application will not be processed until all requested material is supplied to the school.